I make shitty websites and beatsaber mods.

Beatsaber Mods

About Me

I'm a developer and a VR Enthusiast, I like programming, blowing stuff up, bike riding, computers and breaking stuff!

I first started developing in JavaScript making discord bots using a library called Discord.JS I made a few bots an became quite good at it. A while later I stumbled on a way to make websites Express After this I started learning WebJS, HTML and CSS. I eventually made a few sites most of which no longer exists.

Then came along the oculus quest 2 and at this point I had PSVR but I still couldn't mod it I spent a while playing the base game with no mods but then I found the lovely quest modding team over on the bmsg discord! It took me a few attempts but eventually I worked out how to write simple mods.

Usually I steal sites from HTML5UP But I didn't this time and I really like how this site turned out

Side Projects


Recently I have been doing stuff with AI, try out this chatbot I made :)